Hello, this site is an archive of the work that I completed as part of ENG101.12 at Emory University during spring semester 2015. Here is a link back to my primary domain, and also one to the site of the course. First, creating our own personal websites as a part of Domain of One’s Own was something I have never done before, causing me to be hesitant initially. This caused much frustration in the beginning, but in hindsight was all in the process of learning how to navigate my way to a greater understanding this new realm. None of my English classes that I have taken before had asked for me to be so hands on as to handle our own website or put ourselves out there to a degree such as this which was the fourth learning objective. It is great to look back at the work I’ve done and recollecting not only how much deep thinking was required but the moments of creative surge that came about making each work.



Persepolis Panel

Page 151

All the major texts read in the class were graphic novels. This was different from what I am used to because it required analyzing the visual images as well as the text. The first major text read in the course was The Complete Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi. The Tracing Persepolis project required me to analyze two pages from the book by tracing them and focusing on patterns in the images of the panels. This covers the third learning objective since it involved recursive strategy of revision, editing, and reflection. I traced the pages which I felt were opposing in moments of the story and the visuals conveyed that through the distinct difference in emotions of the characters on each and the symbols within the panels did the same. Finding small things such as how the design of the panels differed and the styles between them helped in the analyses.




Page 8

The most time consuming and complicated project was Analyzing Vietnamerica. I was asked to analyze Vietnamerica through the lens of “Autoethnography: An Overview” by Carolyn Ellis, Tony E. Adams & Arthur P. Bochner. This was a task I’ve never done before, yet I believe that this is my best project. I defended the text as an autoethnography and used Ellis’ text as an analytical lens used to prove that point. I also did vice-versa, used Vietnamerica to explain what makes an autoethnography. I also had to incorporate the visual text when expanding upon my main points since this is the essence of the graphic novel, not just the about the book as a whole but this involved much more analysis than talking about the book as a whole when explaining the interrelation with what Ellis’ says. This project truly encompasses the second learning objective.



Sunday Funnies 8: Sunday Sketches

The Sunday Funnies that was to be completed almost every week, were my favorite assignments since it required us to use our creative abilities to create work that fit the content of the different requirements. Although some were about the creative aspect far more than the critical thinking they typically take such as Sunday Funnies 8, which I believe is one of my best, I thought they were fun to take part on while at the same time acquiring the skills of conveying our thoughts through different methods of visuals.

I am most proud my Sunday Funnies 7 which was to take a page from a piece of work that we were given and alter it into a visual poem. Creating new text but within the strict confines of the text available in the page was the objective and also incorporating a visual that reflects the poem. This took much contemplation, because I first had to read the text a couple of times all the way through to find what the text is saying. I felt that I made a fulfilling visual poem reflecting my best Sunday Funny.

visual poem

Sunday Funnies 7: A Human Document


This English 101 class with David Morgen has taught me how website skills, how to analytically compare texts, conveying my message through unique visual modes, and gain a greater understanding of why visual writing employ a much greater meaning than standard written text. Now I will be employing the new analytical strategies I have acquired from this course examining graphic novels beyond the surface.


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